Pam Rocker

writer & speaker. atypical activist. super gay.

Pam Rocker is a force within our world, one that should be recognized for the kind of work she does with groups & communities seeking to be different than the status quo. Pam not only is a fierce activist, but is also a steadfast colleague and friend to those who are most impacted by the world around them. She is the voice I listen to when I need to be reminded of our collective work today.”
- Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, PhD. Founder | Activist Theology Project

”Pam Rocker is a force for good in this world - one to be reckoned with, and I encourage everyone to do so. I've collaborated with Pam on events, hired her for gigs, volunteered with her, been professionally supported by her, and personally benefited from her deep wisdom and wit. I hold her as one of my closest allies and friends. Pam is fiercely compassionate, driven by empathy and justice, creative beyond my wildest dreams, and outright f*cking awesome. If you're not already in the court with Pam in some way, you're missing out on a cutting-edge class act, so get in the game already!”

- Jonathan Brower, Canadian Theatre Artist & Producer

"I knew Pam was an activist, rabble rouser and all around wonderful human from our introduction over coffee. Sometimes you just get a feeling about someone and the feeling deepened as I was given opportunity to learn more about her. The Pam I came to know is every bit an amazing human, who also creates safe places for others to express themselves. She was my guest on the podcast and she created the space I didn’t even know I needed to express pain that had been silent for a very long time. The feeling of safety and respect she created is a valuable lesson for me when I interact and work with others. She is the kind of person who can make you feel comfortable in very little time.”

- David Lewry, Voices In Recovery Podcast

Pam Rocker has a way of captivating her audience in a raw and vulnerable way. She is open and honest with a (generous) dash of freaking hilarious.
- Jill Thompson, Tharseo Counselling and Pam Rocker fan

“Pam is super edgy and fun. She looks at what others miss and shifts attention to what’s missing. She sparkles when she finds something new or hidden or forgotten and gently nudges others to share the excitement. Pam helps people see more than fitting in - but belonging, that matters most. She is vulnerable and passionate. It brings out the best in others. Finally, as she speaks both her jokes and her words of truth draw tears of connection for the listener.”

- Rev. Dr. John Pentland, Author of ‘Fishing Tips; How Curiosity Transformed a Community of Faith’

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Pam Rocker in a number of capacities over the past decade in collaborative care for lgbtq2s+ youth. Pam has a master understanding of building relationships, developing mutual respect, providing emotional support, sharing herself, and holding space with those who are hurting and vulnerable. She has a profound sense of empathy and takes a participatory, anti-oppressive approach in her work. Pam possesses a clear passion for helping others through advocacy, direct support, and sharing of mutual experiences. Her strong empathy, commitment, self-reflection, professionalism, and playful heart always shine through in our shared work. She has demonstrated a strong sense of social responsibility and ethical citizenship. Basically, Pam is amazing! I believe that she is a huge asset to any organization lucky enough to work with her, and I am grateful that a) she exists, and b) she does the incredible work she does!”

- Ashleigh Yule, MA, Registered Psychologist

“Pam Rocker is a dynamic speaker who speaks right from her heart. She is not only hilarious, she is genuine and truly passionate about helping people. Pam has a gift for breaking down boundaries through her poems, songs and one on one meetings. Pam is a gift to the church, the Queer community and everyone else she interacts with.”

- Kim Holmes-Younger

“Pam is fantastic!  She approaches difficult, important conversations with humour and compassion.  Her presentations are always professional, but they are delivered with a warmth that is engaging and inspiring.  As a faith community that is trying to understand how to create a space where all kinds of people feel like they belong, Pam has been instrumental in helping us to first notice, and then overcome barriers.”

- Rev. Joanne Anquist, McDougall United Church

After I interviewed Pam for Sprawlcast, I continually had people telling me it was one of the best interviews they’d heard in a long time. We need more voices like Pam’s in our world—honest, courageous, rooted deeply in truth and love.
- Jeremy Klaszus, founder/editor, The Sprawl

“Pam supported Knox Presbyterian Church’s inclusive journey as consultant and friend. Her support helped inform a process that resulted in a unanimous vote. Our church leaders, committee members and congregation received her words of encouragement with gratitude. Her calming presence along with her commitment to transparency and justice was inspiring. We look forward to continued partnership with Pam on our respective journeys of living what it means to be an inclusive Christian community.”

- Rev. Mark Tremblay